Quality policy

Genessol (Company) wishes to operate as one of the most trustworthy companies/institutions/organizations providing services that concern not only the Safety and Security sections or the Medical section, but also providing education based on the quality and the excellent services towards our clients, succeeding its mission and visions according to the company’s strategy.

After having fully comprehended the demands for applying an efficient quality management system and at the same time, having successfully planed the strategy of the organization, the Top Management of the Company, in order every offered product or service to be a unique experience for every interested candidate, pledges for:

- any effort for developing products and services, of so high a quality and fully formed which will absolutely cover all the clients’ needs.

- the allotment regarding both services and products that will be in total compliance with the current legislation.

- the supply of products which will fully comply with the demands and standards the client has set.

- the provision of all the necessary resources demanded, so that an adequate Quality Management System to exist ,which will be constantly improving in accord with the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

The appliance of this strategy concerning the quality, is based on the targets below:

- the constant rise of the satisfied clients and the continual improvement of their satisfaction levels.

- the maintenance of receiving zero complaints from our clients.

- the continuous improvement upon the effectiveness of the Quality Management System procedures.

- the notification of the quality policy to each of our partners or interested party.

- the maintenance of the communication channels that have been developed between us, the providers, the authorities and the clients.

- the following and the compliance with the legislation as well as the monitoring of the quality indicators that have been defined.

The successful appliance of this policy is based on the compliance of measures and practices that have been set for every process and consists an absolutely integral part of the Company’s operating framework.